What We Do

ZXT Ventures Consulting Limited sells and supplies of OEM products and service to the West African lucrative market to help increase the sales revenue of the Original Equipment manufacturer of different industry products and services.

We understand the challenges manufacturers in different countries are faced with in developed countries with intense open market competition and are willing to help channel their products and brand to growing economies in Africa.

ZXT Ventures Consulting offers various manufacturers the opportunity to learn how our market penetration strategies converts their fears and worries of sales in unfamiliar African locations into sale revenue generating opportunity.

In our company, we commits people, infrastructure, capital and ideas in unique ways to ensure success and satisfaction for our key Stakeholders, our Partners, Retailers, Consumers and the communities we serve.

Our business development expertise are available to help our partners build authentic relationship building with their target market, as we offer stakeholders complete confidence in our management, resources, support, advice, service excellence, creativity and breakthrough.

Our products range

  • Pumps
  • Marine vessel & equipment
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Trucks
  • Earth movers
  • Flow meters
  • Gas testers
  • Valves
  • Wellhead
  • Christmas trees
  • Construction Equipment
  • Oil spill control and recovery equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Others


We help our customer procure equipment in their requisition order to meet their facility requirement.

Our procurement processes are set to meet our customers time limits thereby making it convenient for us to succeed in getting contracts awarded to us.

Our procurement logistics meets the under listed principles:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness


People are the driving force of our organization. They are the part of our business. Daily, the people within our business engage with people outside the business with our existing and new customers to help drive sales by influencing purchase decisions.

Our outside sales teams represent our Original Equipment Manufacturers in various parts of the world in a variety of face-to-face sales business environments.

We have a team of skillful and detail-focused sales and marketing professionals providing our Stakeholder & Partner’s products and services with reliable and sustainable long-term growth and profitability.

Advancing Brands

Our goal is focused on securing the moment of sale. Using our local and global awareness combined with years of experience, we give you the cut-through you need by setting your brand where it matters most , at the highest points of influence.

Making Sales

The closer you get to customers, the greater the chance of making sales. Today’s customers have greater control and expect quality deliverables. Our sales concepts are tailored to appeal to our target local and oversea customers in different parts of the Africa.